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They have no cost to you, since Confia represents insurance companies. For this reason it is very advisable to manage your insurance with a broker, since you will have access to the entire market and will be your advisor and ally at the time of a claim.
The Broker can advise you on the best product to contract, the coverage, benefits and exclusions of insurance.

We are dedicated to the intermediation of insurance in the personal and general insurance lines. We strive because our clients are well advised about the insurance they want to hire, and to support them in case they need to use any type of insurance.

Clients can change insurance Broker at any time, you only need a letter of authorization directed in favor of the insurer with your request. These changes are usually given by service, since clients want to work with intermediaries that advise them well, and are very available for their queries and needs.

Confía will be able to advise you better on the insurances you can hire. It will present you with comparative tables with all the options of the market. We can translate our experience in how insurers work and what are the best products for your particular situation.

In the process of contracting the insurance, better conditions will be achieved than if you did it individually, since being specialists in insurance, the product will be structured according to your need. Confía also advises you on how to use insurance, and will accompany you throughout the entire process of the claim until you get the prompt payment.

Through Confia you can have a diversified insurance portfolio maintaining a single relationship. We are your ally in everything related to Confia.

  • ASSA
  • Panamerican Life Insurance
  • BMI
  • Insurer of the Isthmus
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Qualitas
  • INS
  • Oceanic
  • Lafise
  • Mapfre
  • Sagicor
  • Magisterium
  • Bolívar

You can access the full range of personal and general insurance. Any insurance that I need can be purchased through Confía, since we will give access to the entire market.

Thus you can acquire travel, accident, health insurance, life or dental insurance, or insure your home, car, company, machinery, import or export, as well as cover risks with third parties. We have extensive experience in different types of industries.


It is not the same, since Corredora represents all the insurers in the market, with which it has contracts, and the agency represents only one product line. The Broker has a much broader organizational structure than an agency, since it must administer insurance for all insurers, and it must also have a compliance officer, an adjunct and an internal auditor. More robust information systems to manage customers' products with all insurers in the market.

It is more advisable to work with an insurance broker, because of the access to the variety of insurance options that can be presented to you.


User rights

Obtain effective protection against competitive practices that may harm their economic interests and their ability to choose in the market, so that they can obtain the maximum benefit from their economic resources.

Freedom of choice among insurers, intermediaries and auxiliary service providers, with adequate quality standards.

Right to information, with emphasis especially in that there are no doubts about the content of the agreement, especially due to the existence of technical terms in terms of insurance. The information must be clear, accurate and necessary so that the consumer can make well-founded and independent decisions.

Timely response of your requests, and, when appropriate, timely payment of the compensation or benefits provided.

Privacy and confidentiality of the information disclosed to the insurer, intermediaries and auxiliary service providers.

Rule In dubio pro consumer.

Medical expenses

The damages caused by the same insured, the professional practice of sports or the aesthetic operations, conditions, pre-existing, sterilization treatment, hair loss, stress, psychologist, dental and vision expenses (only accident product).

With a collective medical expenses policy you can deliver a real benefit to your employees, increasing your loyalty to your company, as it is the most valued benefit for the staff and their families.

The rates are a collective policy of medical expenses normally vary according to the age and gender of the insured persons. Other factors include the deductible structure, the amount insured, the risks covered, medical check-ups, local or international coverage. By contracting a collective policy you can get a better rate. Let us help you find the best option for you!

Life insurance

With a collective life policy you can deliver a real benefit to your employees, increasing loyalty to your company. This insurance is obtained by grouping 10 or more individuals, which allows access to better rates and higher benefits. This benefit is highly valued by staff and their families as it provides protection in case the main provider becomes missing.

The cost of a life policy normally varies according to the age, gender and occupation of the person and the amount insured. Let us help you find the best option for you!

Medical consultations

The insured can go to any doctor authorized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. In these cases you must cancel the entire cost of the consultation and then request reimbursement. For this you must complete the claim form and attach all the invoices in original. The insurer would pay the reasonable and customary costs for these medical consultations outside of their network.

The medical networks usually include the main hospitals Cima, Biblica, Catholic, Jerusalem, Unibe, Metropolitan, La California, San Rafael Arcángel, Blue medical among others. Some Laboratories such as LABIN, Echandi, San José.