Why an insurance broker?

  • A profesional who works, studies, analyzes, and recommends the best ways to manage your risks.
  • Knows the products and the working style and methodologies of the different insurance companies, and understands that each client has different needs.
  • Has the support of an Insurance Brokerage Company that at the same time is an entity regulated by the General Insurance Superintendence.
  • It is an intermediary that does not increase the cost of your policies. With your advice, they can help minimize the costs of insurance premiums and maximize benefits.


Give customers the best advice and service in the insurance market, protecting their risks as if they were ours.


Be leaders in service exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We are reliable, act honestly and according to principles, and when we make a promise we have the firm intention of keeping them.
  • Discipline: We are focused, organized, punctual and perseverant. We have goals and the compromise to reach them.
  • Service Spirit: We are a team that provides service with love, enthusiasm and joy.
  • Assertiveness: We are clear and respectful. Our leadership allows us to communicate our ideas and opinions in a timely and efficient matter.
  • Excellence: We strive to exceed out customer’ s expectations.

Our goal

Offer our clients the best insurance solutions, with a customer service that exceeds your expectations. We will achieve the prompt payment of your claims.

Organization chart